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Who are we and what do we do?

Friends of the Emm Brook (FOTEB) is a conservation group. Since FOTEB was first formed in 2005 there have been regular surveys of the flora and fauna in and around the Emm Brook. A wild flower meadow has been planted in Riverside Walk and nest boxes have been placed in suitable trees.

We have undertaken surveys of nesting birds and these normally take place each May/ June. A survey of the wildflowers and trees alongside the Emm has also been undertaken. There is a regular activity known as kick sampling where samples of water are taken from the Brook and the creatures living in that water are counted under the microscope, a truly amazing sight. Others with more specialist skills have surveyed moths and butterflies, lichen on the trees, fungi and the local history of the Brook. An important part of the survey work is its regularity so that changes over time can be noted.

A committee coordinates the various activities of the Friends of the Emm Brook and local people are encouraged to become members and to join in activities of interest.

There is an Annual General Meeting, usually in May, and everyone is welcome to attend. An Open Meeting is held in September which usually consists of an illustrated talk on some aspect of the Brook, its Birds, Trees, Flowers, Insects etc.

The latest sightings page of the website is updated regularly and the webmaster welcomes any information about the Brook and its flora and fauna.

All sorts of different people are interested in the Emm Brook. Some just love it as a local amenity for walking and enjoying the trees, flowers and birds. It’s a good place to take the children for a picnic in the summer, or for a nice brisk winter walk.

Children from local schools (The Hawthorns Primary School and Emmbrook Junior School) have designed the two information boards that are situated along the Brook . (One is on Riverside Walk about 250 yards from Morrison’s, and the other on Emmbrook Walk between Embrook Road and Old Forest Rd).

How can I be involved?

FOTEB is free to join. Members will receive 3 email updates of sightings and news from along the Emm per year. Another way to get involved is to submit wildlife sightings via this website o. This type of ‘citizen science’ allows us to get a clearer picture of what is happening along the Emm Brok and could help to steer future planning.

Click on the Contact us button for a link to the Membership Secretary or to send any Wildlife Sightings.


How did FOTEB start

Following a survey carried out by Stuart Colgate for the Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) in 2003/4 (funded by the Wokingham Society), a public meeting was held in Wokingham Town Hall in September 2004. Original Emm Brook Survey

Subsequently The Friends of the Emm Brook (FOTEB) was established to address public concern over the Emm Brook in Wokingham District.

At a meeting of the FOTEB Steering Committee in January 2005 the following over-arching aim was agreed:that FOTEB 's aim was ‘Protecting and Enhancing the Emm Brook and its Floodplain for Wildlife" this formed the basis for the Management Strategy. These documents below are taken from the original FOTEB website.

Management Strategy


Summary of Constitution